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Auditions are usually held 3 to 4 months before a play is performed and will be posted here once details are decided. 

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Maitland Repertory Theatre is calling auditions for its third play of 2023, Arthur Miller’s "All My Sons".

Director:     Pip Thoroughgood

Season:       9 shows, July 5th - 23rd

Enquiries:   Director Pip Thoroughgood:  n1good1@gmail.com

Auditions will be via self tape. Auditionees are asked to choose one of the monologues in the attached document to audition with.


Please submit your video via the following form



Callbacks, if needed, will be held at the end of April. Rehearsals will begin early to mid May.

Successful auditionees will be required to become members of Maitland Repertory Theatre (a nominal membership fee applies).


They look like a mid-century American success story. He runs the business, she runs the home, and their son will inherit it all. But there is something rotten in the Keller household and secrets have a way of getting out.



Husband, father, and patriarch of the Keller family. Joe is devoted to his wife and son, doing everything in his power to make sure they live the most comfortable life he can provide for them. He has a past marred with scandal after only recently avoiding a jail sentence for a crime he said he didn’t commit.

Charismatic, bold and with a good sense of humour - many would say Joe is at the centre of the community.


Wife, mother and matriarch of the Keller family. Kate is heartbroken after Larry, her and Joe’s eldest son, was declared Missing in Action. She continually way-lays everyone’s attempts to declare Larry dead, unable to accept what others take for granted as truth.

Once Kate was seen to be loving, caring and with a heart more deep and warm than any in the world - now her anxieties get the better of her, as her emotional pain manifests itself in her body.


The only remaining son of the Keller family. Chris has seen the horrors of war and now has a cast iron moral code; he carries the weight of this ‘new America’ everywhere he goes. He wants more than anything to let it all go, to relax and rest under the assurance of his heroism finally.

Aspirational, empathetic and compassionate - Chris wants a better world.


Daughter of Joe’s business partner, Steve, and Larry’s former girlfriend. Ann has been invited to visit the Kellers at Chris’s behest. She is haunted by the case held against Joe and her father; she hasn’t spoken to Steve since his incarceration. She loves Chris and wants to be honest with his family, however, she carries a secret she can barely bring herself to reveal.

Loving and compassionate - Annie’s in search of the love and peace she knows she deserves.


Annie’s brother. George spent a childhood attached to Chris at the hip, he idolises the Kellers. Thus, like his sister, he hasn’t spoken to his father since he went to prison.

Determined, brave and passionate - George fights for what’s right.


Neighbour to the Kellers, husband and father. Jim is a fine, upstanding citizen, who has found himself in a life he didn’t know he was working towards. Not quite ready to settle down, Jim looks to the Kellers - Chris in particular - for excuses to find adventure and passion.

SUE BAYLISS  (40-50)

Neighbour to the Kellers, wife and mother. Sue deeply understands the community she’s living in and sees the Kellers clearer than most. A realist, she is frustrated by her husband’s impractical goals and worries his priorities are not entirely with her and their children.

FRANK LUBEY  (30-40)

Neighbour to the Kellers, husband to Lydia. Frank is an optimist and astrologist. He never fought in the war, due to his age, and thus sees his world through a suburban lens.

LYDIA LUBEY  (20-30)

Neighbour to the Kellers, wife to Frank. Lydia grew up next to the Kellers and Deevers, she was in love with George as a child. Now she is happily married and adores her children and her life.

Who Do I Contact?

AUDITIONS: Arthur Miller's "All My Sons" - Contact Pip Thoroughgood - n1good1@gmail.com  if you have questions.

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