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About Us

Maitland Repertory Theatre

We are an unfunded community theatre group, with the aim of staging plays for the entertainment of audiences and the pleasure and satisfaction of members. As well as learning and using acting skills, many members develop and use their talents in behind-the-scenes and backstage work.

A Rich Heritage

We've been bringing great plays to Maitland for over 70 years and for more than 50 years we've been performing in our 160 year old High Street theatre.

Located in the heart of Heritage Maitland's Cultural Precinct, Maitland Repertory Theatre was a Congregational Church before being purchased in 1964 from the church and being converted to its current use as a theatre by Maitland Repertory in 1965. The theatre is located opposite Maitland Town Hall and the Maitland Regional Art Gallery on the corner of James St and High St.

A Short History of Maitland Repertory Theatre

Our first meeting was held at the Grand Central Hotel, Bourke Street, in 1947 and we have presented plays every year since. Our first play, Tons of Money, was staged at the Town Hall. In 1950 we began using the Methodist Hall for performances, but held meetings and rehearsals in a variety of venues, including the loft of a large hay shed.

In 1960 we became the owners of a block of land in Devonshire Street, bought a disused three-room army hut from Greta Army Camp and had it moved onto the block. This was our first real home, but the plays were staged at St Paul’s Hall.

In 1963 the Congregational Church came up for sale, and we borrowed the money (which has since been repaid) to buy it. By our own efforts it was converted into a theatre in 1964 and while we used the building for rehearsals, the first play in the Repertory Playhouse, Doctor in the House, was not staged until 1965. The Playhouse is now over 160 years old.

Fire regulation crack-downs in 1980, following Sydney’s Whisky A Go-Go fire, closed us down, as it was judged not up to public hall standards. A new foyer with toilets and a shed for the costume collection were built and fire equipment installed, and the building opened again in 1982.

In 1974 Junior Repertory was formed for young people aged 8 to 16. In 2000 Reamus was formed to train 16 to 25 year olds. In 2016 Junior Repertory became Maitland Repertory Theatre Acting Classes so that regular classes could be offered to wider age ranges.

We rely on money earned from shows to pay all rates, maintenance, advertising, royalties, insurance and other associated costs. Every year the Theatre faces challenges, but thrives thanks to our active cultural community.

At the 2011 Annual Meeting members changed our name from Maitland Repertory Society to Maitland Repertory Theatre.

How Our Theatre is Organised

Maitland Repertory Theatre is an incorporated association. The Annual General Meeting is usually held in March each year. The Executive and Management Committee of 12 and are elected at the AGM to manage the Theatre on behalf of its members. The committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Members who are elected to committee, subcommittee and other formal positions are expected to make a serious commitment to their role for one year and to attend meetings and carry out other duties as required. All members are invited to attend and contribute their ideas to meetings. The Theatre’s constitution is available on the Get Involved page of the Theatre’s website.

Acting Groups

Maitland Repertory Theatre provides an environment for a number of age-specific groups to train in the dramatic arts and perform on stage.

The Theatre presents four major play seasons each year, including an annual show at the end of the year. Auditions for plays are announced through the Maitland Repertory’s eNews and via social media. The director of the play and an elected casting committee decide the cast.

Maitland Repertory Theatre Acting Classes – This group caters for 8 to 21 year old members. Classes are held on Saturdays and other scheduled times at the theatre and an annual show of 9 or 10 performances is presented. The group performed Peter Pan in July 2017.

Reamus Theatre – This group caters for 18 to 30 year old young people. They meet on Monday evenings at the theatre and produce at least one play each year.

Program of Shows

Three mainstream plays, a Maitland Repertory Theatre Acting Classes play, and an annual end of year show, usually a comedy or melodrama, are featured each year. Reamus presents a major production each year, such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2015), Titus (2016) and Love’s Labour’s Lost (2017). Training workshops in acting or directing are held regularly.

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Established in 1979 to recognise theatre excellence in the region, the City of Newcastle Drama Association’s namesake awards, The CONDAs, have the honour of being the longest-established, continuous theatre awards in Australia.

In recent years, CONDA has expanded to be more than an annual gala awards ceremony. The organisation now has a commitment to supporting our local theatre companies, delivering professional development opportunities through the annual StageCon program and nurturing the future of the performing arts in the region through a range of youth-related initiatives. New members are always welcome and we invite anyone interested in theatre to become a CONDA member and help shape the future of the industry in our region.

Visit the CONDA website to find out what's on in the Hunter.

Maitland Repertory Theatre belongs to the Association of Community Theatre (ACT) and participates in the ACT's biennial industry conferences. The ACT Inc was formed in the early 1990's after a visit to Sydney from members of the Executive of the Federation of New Zealand Operatic Societies - now called Musical Theatre New Zealand.

Production History


Breath of Spring
12 Angry Jurors
The Witches
Reamus’ The Winters Tale
Kid Stakes
All For Your Delight


Star Spangled Girl
Other Times
James and the Giant Peach
Reamus’ As You Like It
An Inspector Calls
Death By Chocolate


Secret Bridesmaids' Business
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Reamus’ Richard 3
Tom Dick and Harry
Only An Orphan Girl


Our Town
The Guardsman
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Reamus’ Much Ado About Nothing
Pure As The Driven Snow


The Freedom of the City
Toad of Toad Hall
Reamus’ The Tempest
The Butler Did It


Sex Please We're Sixty
Reamus' Antigone
Alice in Wonderland
Reamus’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream
The Mumberley Inheritance


Therese Raquin
Funny Money
Reamus’ Titus
Blithe Spirit
Nunsensations (with MMS)


Strangers on a Train
Reamus’ Dreamtime
Don’t Dress For Dinner
Peter Pan
Reamus’ Love’s Labour’s Lost
The Diary of Anne Frank
Caught in the Villain's Web


Out of Order
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Agatha Christie's The Hollow
The Girl with the Golden Locks
Reamus Youth Theatre's All's Well That Ends Well
Neil Simon's Lost in Yonkers
It's A Wonderful Life!


Strictly Murder
God of Carnage
Speaking in Tongues
Snow White
The Taming of the Shrew
Arsenic and Old Lace
Lily, the Felon's Daughter


Key for Two
Chorus of Disapproval
After the Ball
The Orchid of Doom


Beauty and the Beast
Reamus 1 Act Nights
Move Over Mrs Markham
That Christmas of ’75
Cinderipper Jackarella


The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
Reamus 1 Act Nights
Lend Me a Tenor
A Woman of No Importance
Reamus 1 Act Nights
The Day After the Fair
Reamus’ Richard III
Down Memory Lane, a Music Hall


Alice in Wonderland
Angels in the Conservatory
Reamus 1 Act Nights
Wait Until Dark
Much Ado About Nothing
Drama Feast –Reamus Five 1 Act Plays
A Christmas Carol


Reamus 1 Act Nights
Robin Hood
Flying Feathers
Reamus 1 Act Nights
Dead of Night
Reamus 1 Act Nights
The Miser
Reamus 1 Act Nights
Ma Baker’s Tonic


Comic Potential
Reamus 1 Act Nights
A Servant of Two Masters
The Macropolis Secret
Reamus’ Macbeth
Hazel Kirke


Captain Hook’s Revenge
I Remember Mama
Reamus’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream
The Dragon
Romulus 1 Act Plays
Sweeney Todd Shock and Roll Show


Money and Friends
RYT's Death and the Maiden
Dick Whittington and Wondercat
Run For Your Wife
The Last Wake at Sheoak Creek
Reamus’ Romeo and Juliet
Love Rides the Rails


Butterflies Are Free
RYT's In Camera
Treasure Island
Romulus’ Two 1 Act Plays
Dangerous Corner
Reamus’ Merry Wives of Windsor
Romulus’ Short and Sweet
Caught in the Net
Maria Marten (Murder in the Red Barn)


Taking Sides
Reamus’ Rooted
A Crown and Two Swords
Reamus’ Twelfth Night
The Importance of Being Earnest
The Largs Ruby Mine


Reedy River
Dry Rot
The Mumberly Inheritance


Just Between Ourselves
The Old Familiar Juice, The Chocolate Frog (1 Acts)
Beach Blanket Tempest
A Game of Love and Chance
A Ritzy Affair Music Hall


Something’s Afoot
Top Gear
Horseshoe Bend
The Drunkard


Slacky Flat
The House of Bernada Alba
Run for Your Wife
Lady Windermere’s Fan
The Dreadful Revenge of Dr Chu


The Ghost Train
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Touch and Go
Never Trust a Tattooed Sailor


Short Cuts - Three 1 Acts
Peter Pan
The Cat and the Canary
The Broken Jug
Relative Strangers
Music Mirth and Minstrel Music Hall


Don’t Just Lie There Say Something
Turn of the Screw
Private Lives
Happy Aussie Music Hall


Tons of Money
The Wind in the Willows
The Man From Muckinupin
Steel Magnolias
Polly Pureheart


Dr Scalpel’s Missing Bits
When Did You Last See Your Trousers
Night Must Fall
Right You Are If You Think So
Egad, the Woman in White


Arms and the Man
Hay Fever
Ned Kelly, the Man in the Iron Bucket


The Magic Sword
The Crucible


Not Now Darling
Little Red Riding Hood
Any night of the Week (Music Hall)


Mother Figure (1 Act)
Fitting For Ladies
Queer Street
Our Town
Lady Audley’s Secret


A Little Bit of Fluff
Oh, What a Lovely War
The Lesson (1 Act)
The American Dream
Shadow in the Sun
Horrors! Down for the Count!


The Queen and the Rebels
Not the Nine O’clock Revues
There Goes the Bride
Sunday Costs Five Pesos
On the Wallaby
Rosencranz and Gildenstern Are Dead
Talking Shop
Sweeney Todd


Shadow Box
There’s Money Coming to You, Octopus, Mr Flit, and Spot of Lunch (Club night)
Go Back For Murder
A Sock Full of Custard
Last Horseshoe Bend Beauty Pageant


Darling Mr London
Toad of Toad Hall
James and the Giant Peach
Scumbag Pies Revue
Happy Birthday
Molly Morgan Music Hall


Dick Whittington and Wonder Cat
Alphabetical Order
Dick Whittington (repeated)
Crocodiles Don’t Eat Lettuce Revue
The Insect and the Drink, Andrew and Pluto, Crimson Stain (1 Acts)
Death Trap
Halloween Radio Plays
Deadwood Dick


The Last Wake at She-Oak Creek
Travelling North
The Flood Show
Only an Orphan Girl


Remember Tennessee
King Richard
Relatively Speaking
The Best of Four Worlds: The Guilty Generation, That’s Murder, Albert and Singalong (1 Acts)
Arsenic and Old Lace
An evening with A. B. Paterson
Virtue Triumphant


Boeing Boeing
The Tower
Wolf’s Clothing


Cat on the Fiddle
Every Other Evening
Say Who You Are


Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf
The Lion in Winter
I’ll Get My Man
The Glass Menagerie
A Night of Music
Love Rides the Rails


The Golden Legion of Cleaning Women
Hiss the Villain (1 Act)
The Slaughter of St Teresa’s Day
Breakfast With Julia
The Sweatproof Boy
Eden House
Little Nell of the Klondyke


The Other Cinderella
Roar Like a Dove
White Liars (1 Act)
Black Comedy and White Liars (1 Acts)
Mixed Doubles
Children and Animals at Play
Billy Liar
Lily the Felon’s Daughter


Rattle of a Simple Man
The Public Eye and The Private Ear
Hotel Paradiso
Legend of the Golden Cage
The Trials of Hilary Pouncefort
Nick of Time


Hobson’s Choice
The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
Private Ear
Plaza Suite
Heartbreak House
Andrew and the Wizard
Egad the Woman in White


Miss Julie, The Lover (1 Acts)
One Wild Oat
The Star Spangled Girl
Dirty Work at the Crossroads


The Heiress
Breath of Spring
Girl in My Soup
Punch and Judy
A Point of View (1 Act)
Curse You, Jack Dalton


Mutatis Mutandis, Thief, Irresistible Albert (1 Acts)
The Last of the Red Hot Lovers
The Legend of the Losers
Ten Nights in a Bar room


Beside the Seaside
Running Riot
Bell, Book and Candle
The Lovebirds


Variety concert with 1 Acts
Dinner with the Family
Wild Goose Chase
Three 1 Act Plays
Dead on Nine


The House by the Lake
Wanted One Body
A Lady Mislaid
Arsenic and Old Lace
Villa for Sale, That’s Murder (1 Acts)
Ten Little Niggers
The Brides of March


The Happy Time
Two Faces of Murder
For Pete’s Sake
The Happy Man
One Wild Oat
The Gazebo


Pool’s Paradise
The Noble Spaniard
And This Was Odd
One act plays
Love’s a Luxury
Dry Rot
Lady Be Careful


Relative Values
Doctor in the House
Fish out of Water
Charley’s Aunt


Ladies in Retirement
The Importance of Being Earnest
A variety concert, with 1 act play
Simon and Laura


The White Sheep of the Family
All For Mary
The Shifting Heart
Post Horn Gallop


The Best Laid Schemes
The One Day of the Year
Cardiac Capers, a revue
Love in a Mist


The Love Birds
Something to Hide
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll


Wife Required (1 Act) with a revue
The Old Lady Shows Her Medals, The Recoil and George (1 Acts)


Blithe Spirit


The Old Lady Shows Her Medals, Sunday Costs 5 Pesos (1 Acts)
Fumed Oak
The Happiest Days of your Life


Romance in Grey, The Rose and Crown, Weatherwise
Ten Little Niggers


Riders to the Sea, The Sword is Double-edged, Tell It not in Gath (1 Acts)
Yes and No


The Mask, Master Dudley, Joint Owners in Spain (1 Acts)
The Blue Goose
Home and Beauty
The Willow and I


Love in a Mist
The Lord and Hawksaw Sadie, Odds All Even (1 acts)
Home is the Hero
Murder in the Vicarage
Love’s a Luxury
Repertory Revels Revue


Murder Mistaken
Beggar My Neighbour
Blithe Spirit
Dark Summer
Television Topics (a revue)


Fools Rush In
Maiden Ladies
Someone Waiting
Castle in the Air
Small Hotel
Yearly Revue


Intent to Murder
See How They Run
Derelict and Wayside War (1 acts)
Touch of Fear
Nun’s Veiling


Tons of Money


Rookery Nook
The Fruity Melodrama, two other 1 Act plays


A Murder Has Been Arranged